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Info - Internet Exchanges and their gear

A lot of ISP's are connected to an Internet Exchange Point, but where are they connecting to? This is a list I gathered from the web:
AMS-IXFoundry Networks (RX16, MG8 and BigIron 15k)
BNIXCisco Systems (not sure, guessing Catalyst 6500)
DE-CIXForce10 Networks (E1200)
LINXFoundry Networks (RX16) and Extreme Networks
NL-IXFoundry Networks (BigIron 4000 and 8000)
PAIXExtreme Networks (BD8800)
NYIIXFoundry Networks MG8
NOTAForce10 (not sure, guessing E1200)
LipexForce10 (S50's)

If you have new or updated information on equipment used by Internet Exchanges, please drop me an e-mail at blog@daxy.net and I'll update the list.

Please note that this information is gathered from the web. This information could be outdated and should only be used for informational purposes.

Update 05/21/2007: Lipex added and DE-CIX info updated to E1200 only.

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Anonymous said...

You can find a lot of this info on the Euro-IX website. Euro-IX is an association of Internet exchanges. Have a look here https://www.euro-ix.net/member/m/ixp/list
If you click the respective IX's you can get details on equipment.