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Funny: Ethereal to Wireshark Migration Guide

Someone just pointed me at the Ethereal to Wireshark migration guide posted at http://www.wireshark.org/migration.html

This is a shameless copy of this excellent (and funny) guide:


Migrating from Ethereal to Wireshark is a long and arduous process. A typical migration project requires the following resources:

* 1 (one) project manager (PMP certification preferred)
* 1 (one) assistant project manager
* 2 (two) pirate hats
* 2 (two) system administrators
* 1 (one) duck
* 2 (two) network administrators
* 4 (four) support staff
* 2 (three) bags of hammers

If you allocate full-time staff to the migration, it can take as little as six weeks for preparation and planning, and four weeks for the migration itself. Past migrations have resulted in some maiming and blood loss. A recent survey of human resources directors found that the amounts were within acceptable tolerances.

The complete migration procedure is detailed below:

1. Place the pirate hats near the project manager, assistant project manager, and system administrators. Allow time for them to start fighting over the hats (about 3.5 seconds).
2. Place the duck on top of a core switch and allow it to nest.
3. Casually mention to a support person that you heard a quacking noise near the data center. Allow time for word to get to the network administrators, and for the support staff to gather together to watch the spectacle.
4. To ensure that you're not disturbed, keep the bags of hammers nearby and maintain a stern expression.
5. Uninstall Ethereal.
6. Install Wireshark.

Note: Steps 5 and 6 should take about three minutes.

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Wendy said...

It's really a funny thing.