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What will 2008 bring us?

I all, we're back!

It has been a while since something news has been posted around here. With 2008 almost kicking in it is a good moment to start posting again. Next year will be full of interesting background info on Networking vendors, funny stories and more nonsense.

As the topic already mentions: What will 2008 bring us? Well, a lot!

First of all Juniper will announce their own switching product running JunOS. Rumors are there for a long time already, 2008 will finally bring them. I heard it will be an OEM/ODM box, but nevertheless it will be Juniper branded.

Then Foundry. Foundry has started recruiting people in the Netherlands to open up an European based TAC. Don't know if it is because Foundry can't find people in Silicon Valley or they believe it's cheaper in Europe...

Last will be Extreme Networks. Their TAC organization will change a lot. It seems the current Level 2 TAC will be moving in a more customer facing TAC. More details will follow shortly. Question is, will it help the customer in getting better support? We'll just have to wait and see.

That's it for now. As I said, more to come next year. We'll be back soon!


Wendy said...

From this article I have a question grow: what will the 2009 bring to us?

Wendy said...

No,what will 2010 bring us?